Training & Facilitation

Training Session

I enjoy seeing people learn new things and can design everything from a 2 hour taster to a 10 week course. Each course can be individually designed to suit your needs, here are a few examples:

Teaching Smarter – not Working Harder

A half or full day course helping hard-pressed and work-stressed teachers, trainers and facilitators to make every minute they have with their trainees, students or team members 100% effective.

Confidence Building and Leadership Skills for Managers

Delivered as a one day course or over a longer period of time with mentoring and coaching support, this training package is aimed at making managers better at what they do, while helping them deal with the everyday problems of leadership.

Presentation Skills – connecting with your audience

This is not a PowerPoint course! It focusses on how we use our voice, body and ‘presence’ to make effective links with the people who we want to impress. It is suitable for anyone who has to stand up and be understood in order to sell an idea, a product or even themselves.

Coaching & Mentoring Skills for Managers

This course covers the techniques that managers can use to galvanise their workforce by listening more effectively to what they are telling you. Many organisations have found that creating a 'coaching culture' has made people more productive, creative and motivated.

Presentation Speech

Coaching for Change

This course is aimed at managers with some coaching skills who want to develop the confidence to support their workforce through periods of uncertainty, high challenge and organisational change.

Tackling Underachievement in Teaching & Learning

This course is specifically aimed at working with teachers and trainers who are struggling to connect with their learners or produce the results needed.

Please contact me if you think I can help you or your organisation to find a Cre@tive solution.