Performance Management

As a Leader; you get what you tolerate.

Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations 2002.

As a nation, possibly as a species, we struggle to deal with under-performance. But we’re not always that good at supporting best practice so that we get more of it!

Appraisal Conversation

Performance Management is more than just bringing everyone’s work up to standard, it’s about nurturing the hidden talent, supporting people through the tough times and being straight with those who don’t hear what is being said about them. I am not a HR professional, I’m a manager who has learnt the hard way how to use performance management processes to bring about positive change in people and organisations.

Performance Management: …a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance

Armstrong & Baron, 2009.

I work with colleges and other learning providers to train their managers to take responsibility for team performance. This involves a review of the HR policies in current use and support in applying these policies to cases of poor teaching or leadership. In the vast majority of cases this results in more confident and effective managers who bring about change and improvement. In a very few cases it results in resignations and possible dismissals, but in all cases, outcomes improve for the learners and people are more satisfied with their work.

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