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Coaching is a highly effective way of supporting change in individuals and whole organisations. It is very well established in the corporate world and the majority of chief executives in the top performing companies invest in coaching for themselves and their teams.

What is confusing is that the term ‘coaching’ is used widely to describe how staff are 'taught', 'trained' or 'mentored' by more experienced colleagues in order to improve their performance, but that’s not what true coaching is about.

A fully qualified coach will not tell someone how to do something, as this doesn’t teach them how to solve problems in the future or transfer learning to another context.

Please contact me if you think I can help you or your organisation to find a Cre@tive solution.

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Julia is a volunteer mentor for the Aspire Foundation – supporting professional women across the world to achieve their potential.

Julia is a fantastic teacher, dedicated to obtaining the best from her delegate; she is warm and engaging in her approach. Her knowledge, expertise and how this is imparted allows for deep understanding of the subjects. As a coach, Julia is amazing! An inspiring role model to women with professional responsibilities.

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