Horse-assisted Coaching

Man and Horse

What is it?

Horse-assisted learning is used by many large organizations in this country and abroad. It is a form of experiential learning that brings insight into the way we communicate and get the best from those we interact with. It takes place ‘on the ground’ and doesn’t involve riding or horsemanship so it is particularly suitable with people who want to try something that ‘takes them out of their comfort zone’ in order to get better results.

Why horses?

Horses are 'prey animals' and depend for their survival on their well-developed sense of danger. This makes them effective at picking up the signals given by humans on what we expect of them. They can provide a mirror; giving instant feedback on the way we communicate but with none of the hidden agendas that can affect human responses.

Who is it for?

Horse Assisted Coaching

I work with individuals or small teams who want to improve their performance and find more effective ways of managing others. Coaching with horses uses the same techniques as other forms of performance coaching but with much quicker and more practical results. My role as an 'horse-assisted coach' is to help you interpret the reaction you get from the horse and to support you to make small changes in the way you work with people and problems at work.

Why should I try it?

Working with an horse-assisted coach can improve confidence and communication skills and help you understand how your thoughts and feelings can be betrayed by your behaviour. It is really useful in getting people who use leadership and management skills every day to think about things differently. It works because when we are in the office or classroom environment we follow well established routines that we are comfortable with – even when we can clearly see that this is not working. When we encounter new experiences (with a horse!) we are less likely to be able to rely on our workplace habits. We are also likely to respond more instinctually and creatively.

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