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A few years ago I learnt to coach and it changed the way I operated as a senior manager. I learned to listen rather than talk, engage rather than control and question rather than accept. It brought me respect from my peers and team members but also a frightening realisation that I couldn't go on working 12 hour days for little effect.

Now I choose to work with some wonderful people who want to excel as managers and help them discover the talent inside them. I also support organisations struggling with performance issues and show them that 'managing' performance means being straight with people but also believing they can do better with your help.

Please contact me if you think I can help you or your organisation to find a Cre@tive solution.


Coaching & Mentoring

Performance Coaching

As a qualified coach I support senior teams to set aspirational goals and provide mentoring for aspiring managers to achieve their potential. I have a track record of success in confidence building and career development for women.

See this page for some inspiration on how you might use coaching to enhance organisational or personal effectiveness.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

I have an outstanding track record in educational leadership and workforce development which enables me to offer practical solutions, training and advice.

See this page to get a flavour of my approach and some of the services I can offer.


Training & Facilitation

I offer a range of professional training events which support quality improvement, career development and organisational performance.

See this page for more details of some of the events available or contact me about adapting them to your specific needs.

Performance Management

Performance Management

I am experienced in the processes around managing and improving performance and offer training for managers on how to get the best from their teams.

See this page for an overview of how I can support you in designing and implementing performance management and appraisal systems that encourage innovation, high professional standards and ambition.

Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Improving Learning

I know what works in the classroom and I have considerable experience in helping teachers and trainers to improve their craft to ensure outstanding outcomes.

See this page for more details on how I use my training as a psychologist and a coach to support improvements in teaching, training and learning.

Horse-assisted Coaching

Horse-assisted Coaching

In addition to my work with teams and individuals I am able to offer something ‘a bit different’ which cuts through the barriers that restrict communication and effective leadership in the workplace.

See this page for more detail on a growing area which is already producing some stunning results in the corporate world.